Saturday, June 10, 2017

Getting a copy of Stroll

A Stroll through Calculus covers many of the concepts of calculus in an informal way with little more than algebra (and later, some trig). It's an attempt to help people understand what's going on without intimidating proofs or formalities, because the basic notions of calculus are both straightforward and elegant. Although Stroll is listed a a textbook for my courses, I put copies on reserve in the library so that I'm not forcing any of my students to buy my book. However, Stroll is listed by the ARC bookstore as a “required” text because that way those of you who want to purchase it can use financial aid resources to do so; otherwise you couldn't.

Here are instructions for obtaining a discounted copy ($32.95 for print, $29.95 for digital, instead of the marked-up bookstore price) directly from Cognella, the publisher. Video instructions for placing an order and downloading an eBook are available at:

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Create an account or log on if you have an existing account.
Step 3: Follow the step-by-step instructions through the ordering process. [You can buy Stroll as a textbook for my calculus class or my accelerated algebra class; it makes no difference.] Payment can be made with any major credit card.
Step 4: After your purchase, you will have access to a partial pdf of the book by logging on to your account and clicking My Digital Materials. If you bought the complete e-book edition, you will have access to the entire book. [A word of warning from me: The e-book is a time-limited edition, so read the fine print.]

Any problems should be reported via e-mail to or by phone to 800.200.3908 ext. 503.

By the way, after one of my students obtains a copy of Stroll, I will refund my author's royalty to them. I'm not looking to harvest my class for income.

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