Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Getting a copy of Stroll

A Stroll through Calculus covers many of the concepts of calculus in an informal way with little more than intermediate algebra (and later, some trig). It's an attempt to help people understand what's going on without intimidating proofs or formalities, because the basic notions of calculus are both straightforward and elegant. Although Stroll is listed a a textbook for my courses, I put copies on reserve in the library so that I'm not forcing any of my students to buy my book. However, Stroll may listed by the ARC bookstore as a “required” text because that way those of you who want to purchase it can use financial aid resources to do so; otherwise you couldn't.

Here is the link for direct purchase of Stroll from the publisher:


Any problems should be reported via e-mail to orders@cognella.com or by phone to 800.200.3908 ext. 503.

By the way, after one of my students obtains a copy of Stroll, I will refund my author's royalty to them. I'm not looking to harvest my class for income.

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