Friday, August 07, 2015

Getting help at ARC

Every student has had the experience of getting stuck. Not every student enjoys the experience of getting unstuck. In many cases, the solution is as simple as finding the right source of assistance.

1 Ask your teacher. Both in class and in office hours, your instructor will be available to answer questions and will expect questions. Although class time is devoted to learning new material and reviewing old material, it's not just a matter of your teacher telling you things. It should be a discussion, where you feel free to ask questions. Contact the instructor by e-mail when you need to.

2 Visit the Learning Resource Center. The college's LRC offers drop-in tutoring at many different times during the week and is usually fully operational by the second week of class. Don't hesitate to drop in, sign up, and take advantage of the LRC's tutors and assistants.

3 If you're a science, engineering, or math student, go to MESA, the Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement program, which is housed in Room 131.

4 Form your own study group. Your instructor will be passing around a sign-up list for people who want to swap contact information to organize study groups.

5 Talk to a counselor about your education plan and get reliable information about the right classes to take.

6 Visit the Student Services building and get direct assistance from Financial Aid or Disabled Student Programs & Services or many other support programs.

Here is a comprehensive link to ARC Support Services, with individual links to many different programs. If you have not browsed this before, it will be worth a visit: Help

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