Monday, January 21, 2013

Know your support services

Get a helping hand
American River College has an extensive array of support services that you should not hesitate to take advantage of. In addition to the direct support you get from your instructor during class time and office hours, ARC offers drop-in tutoring in the Learning Resource Center, academic counseling in the administration building's Counseling Center, and a broad collection of services in the Student Services building. Most of these support services can be quickly found on the college's webpage titled ARC Support Services. There are currently 48 separate entries on that site.

Some of the programs, like the aformentioned Learning Resource Center, have their own website. The hours for drop-in tutoring are posted there. It is also the location for an open computer lab, the Reading Center, and the Writing Across the Curriculum program. Check out ARC's student services and learn about them now rather than later.


Rchrd Wellington said...

This writer will be at the counselor's office at 8a.m. in order to get that piece of paper certifying that I did complete Pre-Algebra Sir.

...Great Blog "Mr.B"

Danielle said...

Rchd, you can also just print out your unofficial transcript if you don't have enough time to see counselor before the class at 9.

Ed Bolanos said...

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