Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer session 2007: Welcome to Math 402

In some ways, Calculus III is a re-run of Calculus I (derivatives) and Calculus II (integrals). We are going to differentiate and integrate functions again, but this time in higher dimensions. Instead of limiting ourselves to functions of one variable, as we did in the past, we are going to deal with functions that have two or three (or more) variables. Calculus III will therefore involve familiar operation, but in unfamiliar contexts. Your basic differentiation and antidifferentiation skills will be employed in new and more realistic situations. In particular, physics students will recognize that many of our Calculus III theorems relate directly to discoveries in electromagnetism and the properties of gravitation.

You have access to several sources of assistance. One is ARC's own Learning Resource Center, where tutors help students with their problems. Unfortunately, we have relatively few tutors who are able to provide much help with Calculus III, so it may be difficult to get the assistance you need. You can click the sidebar entry for our Larson/Hostetler/Edwards calculus text to access the student aids provided by the publisher, which include and on-line practice exams for each chapter. You should also try out, for which I have an access code that I'll be sharing with the class.

If you lose your syllabus, you can download a pdf copy from this website. Click on the appropriate sidebar link.

As part of your Quiz 0 assignment, you have read this blog entry and now you need to send your instructor an e-mail message. Either click on the sidebar where is says “about Math 402” or write me directly, but don't forget to include Math 402 in the subject line. (That's something you should do for all messages you send me about the class this summer.)

Good luck!

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