Sunday, June 11, 2006

Escher in Sacramento

Crocker Art Museum Exhibit

M. C. Escher's work will be on display at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento from June 10 to September 3 of this year. M. C. Escher: Rhythm of Illusion was originally organized by the Portland Art Museum and features 70 examples of the artist's surreal art. Many of Escher's drawings are familiar to college students, especially since they are so commonly displayed in the offices and classrooms of math teachers.

An article by The Sacramento Bee's art correspondent points out that Escher's original work can surprise people who are accustomed to seeing his art as represented by the many popular posters:

While reproductions of his work can sometimes seem cold and sterile, the actual prints have warmth, depth and texture that make them more sensual and personal than one might expect. One of the purposes of the show, [Crocker curator William] Breazeale says, is to demonstrate what a difference there is between reproductions and the real thing.

There is an official M. C. Escher website where interested parties can find many useful resources related to the artist, including a detailed picture gallery.

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